Everyday Heroes – Episode 9: Sacrifice and Brotherhood

James Wolf was known for his infectious smile, his commitment to serving others, and his love for the Knights of Columbus. As a recent high school graduate, he even inspired his father, Bob, to become a Knight. Shortly after becoming a Knight, James joined the Army. Sent to Iraq with the 52nd Engineer Battalion, he was killed on November 6, 2003, when an IED exploded near his convoy. In the face of this tragic loss, his family found solace in the love shown to them by fellow Knights and their pride over James’ faith and sacrifice.

Everyday Heroes – Episode 8: The Heart of a Champion

Darrell Miller, Sr. played for five years with the California Angels and hails from one of the most famous sports families in the country. His sister, Cheryl, is widely regarded as the greatest women’s basketball player ever, and his brother, Reggie, is an NBA Hall of Famer. For Darrell, a committed Catholic and Knight of Columbus, sports are a vehicle to grow one’s character and faith.

Everyday Heroes – Episode 6: Blessed Are the Persecuted

Blessed Are the Persecuted

The Al Dakhils come from the ancient city of Daraa, some 60 miles south of the Syrian capital of Damascus. There, they led a peaceful life as Melkite Greek Catholics. However, in the spring of 2011, the outbreak of civil war forced them to flee their homeland. Welcomed into Canada by the parishioners of Holy Redeemer Church and the Knights of Columbus, the Al Dakhils discovered the beauty of the beatific vision.


Going for Gold

Heroes are those who overcome immense challenges and inspire others to do the same. Chris Dooley, a multi-sport Special Olympics athlete from Maryland fits that description. Chris, who is also an active Knight of Columbus, reveals the triumph and heroism of Special Olympics athletes who give witness to the dignity of those with intellectual disabilities.