July 2018 – Knight and Family of the Month

Mike Karpinski stepped up this year and took on the job of our council’s Worthy Recorder.


The Konrad family is involved in many church activities. Ken and his wife, Annmarie are Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass every week. Ken is a council officer and the leader of our Fifth Sunday Rosary Team.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 12.41.06 PM.png


Knight of the Quarter

Congrats to our Knight of the Quarter; Gerald Pietszak (left) for his leadership in our last fundraising effort along with his new role as our treasurer. We had a urgent need and Gerry came through!


Knights of the Quarter



Congratulations to our Tri-Knights of the Quarter: Bob Sheppard, Doug Cyr, and Alan Nutten (not pictured).

These three Knights are recognized for the many hours and selfless efforts in helping to get our new Parish of St Mary, Cause of Our Joy ready for opening and ready by our July 1st deadline.